The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

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The Palace of Peace
Astana, Kazakhstan

The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation is a global centre for religious understanding and peace. It accommodates a permanent venue for the triennial religious congress, a 1500 seat opera house, a faculty, meeting spaces and a large restaurant, housed within a pure form of a pyramid. It was designed and built […]

Bandirma Park


Bandirma Park
Bandirma, Turkey
2017, Competition Proposal

Our approach to Bandirma Park is about connecting the past and present so that the park design stays faithful to its context while remaining at the forefront of architectural innovation.

Our proposal captures the uniqueness of the historical context of the site and uses the ruins as a metaphorical element throughout the […]

Langley Vale Visitor Hub

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Langley Vale Visitor Hub
London, UK

Our proposal for the Langley Vale Visitor Hub is inspired by the dramatic character of Langley Vale Woods; its landscape and its identity as England’s First World War Centenary Wood.
Overlooking Langley Vale, the new visitors’ hub has been designed with a deep respect for the landscape.

The architecture of the building emerges as part of […]