• 3 dimensional models and visuals

How we work

We start by asking the right questions to achieve outstanding design and flawless execution. We prioritize client needs while maintaining a keen awareness of cost and time constraints, ensuring projects stay on track and on budget.

Our commitment to innovation drives us to push the boundaries of design standards. We thrive on conceptual and creative challenges, leveraging advanced technology in technical design to deliver innovative solutions that exceed expectations.

With extensive experience collaborating with diverse interest groups from specialist consultants to local planning authorities, we navigate complex projects with efficiency.

We follow the RIBA Plan of Work meticulously, guiding every stage of the planning, design, and construction process. This structured approach, combined with a professional work ethic, ensures the highest quality of design and execution from inception to completion.

At Studio AVC, we are dedicated to building strong, collaborative relationships with our clients. From initial meetings through to the handover of the finished building and beyond, we ensure open communication and alignment every step of the way.

Our love for the craft extends to the art of hand sketches and physical models, where ideas take shape and evolve. Complementing these traditional methods, our expertise in three-dimensional computer modeling allows us to explore and refine designs swiftly. This capability not only accelerates our design process but also enhances communication with consultants and contractors, ensuring clarity and precision at every step.