Project Description

Bandirma Park

Bandirma, Turkey
2017, Competition Proposal

Our approach to Bandirma Park is about connecting the past and present so that the park design stays faithful to its context while remaining at the forefront of architectural innovation.

Our proposal captures the uniqueness of the historical context of the site and uses the ruins as a metaphorical element throughout the design. By including the ruins and the existing landscape within the park, the design  aims not only to bring the old buildings and their environment back to life, but also to create a centre of experience in which people can learn from the past and enjoy today’s design. The external spaces and ruins can be used for outdoor events, exhibitions and pavilions. The main central access path has a welcoming manner, reminiscent of the ancient streets. We have used stone and glass in the facade of the institutional buildings not only to communicate with the ruins but also to create a building which minimises its impact on the environment.