Wimbledon House

London, UK

The project comprises the full refurbishment of an existing semi-detached house as well as a new three-storey side extension
and a loft conversion. It also includes extending the property towards the rear garden to create a separate garden flat and an
enlarged living area to the main house.

The garden and ground floor are designed to be dividable with hidden pocket doors to create a separate ground floor flat in addition to the main house. This flexibility provides for a rentable one bedroom flat or a perfect en-suite guest room. The first floor of the property, where privacy becomes very important has access to the walkable roof that is used as a balcony. High balustrades with vegetation creates privacy and avoids overlooking in respect to the neighbours. A large walkable roof light is located to provide natural daylight into the living space and is also used as a seating at the centre of the green roof.

The layouts are designed for simplicity and functionality. However, the design of the interiors achieves a softer touch by
using bespoke detailing and a rich palette of materials such as brick, tiles and wood. It is inspired by nature and explores
the use of sustainable materials.  In addition to using sustainable construction methods, smart home technology is used throughout the house to control security, heating, lighting and sound systems.

The colour scheme has been selected from natural elements and emphasis a feeling of relaxation in a natural environment.
The deep blue kitchen is contrasted with warm colours of brick and wood. Animal patterns and colours of nature have been
used throughout the house.