Project Description

Private House, London

London, UK

The project comprises a refurbishment of a terraced house in south west London. It includes a ground floor extension and a roof conversion.

The refurbishment and extension allow the ground floor layout to be more efficient. The existing walls have been removed to maximise the space and light and also to create views towards the garden from all parts of the ground floor including from the entrance and living room. Service and storage areas are arranged on the side walls, allowing the central accommodation to be configured as a single continuous open space. The kitchen has been designed for simplicity and functionality and the bathrooms redesigned to be more ergonometric and make the most of the limited space available.

The external walls of the loft and extension are clad with pre-weathered dark zinc panels; full-height glazed doors allow the living spaces to open to the garden, connecting inside and out. We used zinc because of its sustainability, distinctive appearance, and low maintenance requirements.

The front façade‘s painted brick walls will be cleaned to expose the original brick walls while all the window frames will be renewed to match the extension’s façade.

The loft has been re-designed to host a master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom. The views towards the garden have been maximised by full-height glazed sliding windows with French balconies. The bathroom becomes the focal point of the bedroom and a space for relaxation with a walk-in shower and curved free standing bath under the sloped ceiling and the large skylight. The unused space beneath the slope is used for additional storage.